This pricing table is for our design services only. We are often asked by contractors, architects, designers and home owners for our design assistance. This table serves as a pricing guide for some understanding of the basic costs involved.

Measurement Design

  • Site Measurement
  • Initial Design
  • Drawings Emailed
  • Render Panorama
  • Personal Design Consultations


Taping Session Check

  • Use Accepted Drawings
  • Tape all measurements
  • Double check
  • Any Changes?
  • Redesign and Redraw Consultation


Architects and Engineers

  • Interactive Skype
  • Multiple Drawings (4)
  • Photo Shoot Area
  • Custom Design
  • Installation Guidance and Consultation


Developer Multi Designs

  • Interactive SKYPE
  • Multiple Drawings (5)
  • Photoshoot Areas
  • Custom Design
  • Installation Guidance and Consultations


sally card 2013

Visit Sally Fretwell's home page at to see the colors she has developed over the past 20 years as well as her own paint line of NOVOC paints for people with allergies.

Harness the "Power of Color" now. If you do not have her books, go to the "Books" Menu at the top of this page and take a look.