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Typically, it takes 1 to 3 hours to pre-measure and select the style of your cabinets.  Usually we will have your first set of designs ready to email to you within 48 hours. If you wish custom built cabinets it will certainly take a little longer.  We pride ourselves on accuracy and "getting it right" the first time at Sally Fretwell Cabinets.

We have prepared a small kitchen sample from one of our clients. Just click on this link to see what you will recieve. Click on this link "Sample kitchen"

You will also receive a 360 degree Panorama View which you can manipulate yourself. Click on this link, "Panorama View".



Sally Fretwell Cabinets is the only company that requires a "Taping Session". We started doing this nearly 40 years ago and have constantly realized the value of doing it. This gives both the client and us a final chance to tape out the space and double check every measurement before your order. We often find that our clients may want to make last minute changes, and this procedure gives us all a final opportunity to see exactly where the cabinets will line up on the floor and the walls. We use lasers to define each unit before an order. 

The typical cabinet installation takes us about 2 days and at least two of us will be doing the installation. Most installers rush through this part and try to do it in less than a day. We are often called in later to try and fix what other installers have done in haste or ignorance. We use lasers for every step of the way to be sue everything is level and plumb.  Walls are often out of plumb and floors out of level. This takes extra time to be sure the cabinets are properly set to accommodate heavy granite counter tops and alignment.

Delivery times will depend upon your cabinet choices. The typical time is about 3 weeks but sometimes we can retrieve an order in less than two weeks. The cabinets have to be assembled, warehoused and then carefully shipped to our location for our inspection before they are brought to you for installation.



Sally Fretwell Cabinets designs for architects, builders, engineers, remodelers, and developers as well as home owners and other cabinet companies. You do not have to purchase our cabinets to take advantage of our design expertise. To find our typical price guide, just click on the "Pricing Page".