Kitchens, playrooms, baths, offices and entertainment centers all have one thing in common, CABINETS!   Whether custom built, rebuilt cabinets or ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets, we have 40 years of experience with them. We know what a difference geographic location and tastes can make.  We have been there. Things have changed tremendously over time. Take a moment and go to our ""History" page under the Menu "Pages"  to see where we have come from since 1976.

Since 1976, We have 41 Years of Experience in Custom Cabinetry, Millwork and Building!

We have seen many changes in the cabinet industry over the past 40 years. Some have been good, and some certainly have not been so good, but we have never sacrificed our work effort and designs for lower standards. This is very important. No matter how grand the design or how great the materials and construction might be, the final stage of installation is the most important. It will take us at least two measurement sessions and several design plates just to get to our final "taping session" with the owner. Then it typically will take at least two days on installation. Come see what a difference Sally Fretwell Cabinets and all our areas of expertise can make for you. Go to Sallyfretwell.com for additional ideas. And then give us a call or send us an email with your requests.