Our mission is to to do the very best job possible within the confines of the client. We have over 40 years of experience in the building, historical restoration, mill works and cabinet industries. We know not everyone requires the same level of expertise and product lines, but if we cannot serve your particular needs then we will help find you someone who will. Can we be undersold? You bet! But it is our knowledge, design and installation efforts that really makes the difference. We are not a”Box Store” company. We take each and every job one step at a time and the people who measure and design are the same people who install and stay with you very step of the way! When we see a problem we anounce it. We don’t try to cover it up! That is the difference at Sally Fretwell Cabinets.


We see our future and the future of cabinet industry in making our design effort available to everyone. We put our efforts to change the industry of cabinets and design for the better by taking the time to do it all right. Just like the good ole days.  With Sally Fretwell Cabinets, you don’t go to a store and buy some cabinets from one person and then another person designs and another group of installers show up and then someone else shows up to get the check.  We remember all to well the work effort of the 50s, 60s and 70s. We grew up with it. That is who we are at Sally Fretwell Cabinets.


Sally Fretwell Cabinets has a huge store of experience in cabinetry and remodeling. That experience is available to you at every step along the way.  Will everything be perfect?  Not a chance, we have not seen the perfect piece of wood or perfectly built walls, ceilings, and floors but we take the time to make it all look the very best. That is experience. We have it, and we are not bashful about it.


Sally Fretwell Cabinets has a very large mission. We are here to stay in business and to enjoy our creativity, work effort and the total experience with our clients. There are no sub-contractors arriving to install your cabinets in just a few hours. We take as long as it takes to do the job and there will never be anyone but us from beginning to end. We are proud of our mission and we live it everyday.



Sally Fretwell Cabinets is a team of designers, and cabinet makers who have a strong sense of style and color that allows us to better help you with your selections. Over 40 years of experience is at your service. Go to Sallyfretwell.com to learn more.


Sally Fretwell has always been a leader in helping our customers achieve their selections. We often refer clients to companies that we feel might better fulfill their needs or help them with counter tops, tiles, back-splashes, accessories, and sometimes even other cabinets.


Your satisfaction is our mission. Without your approval we would not exist. From measurement to design and installation, we know how important your satisfaction is. Our mission is to suit you best of all.


We value our customers as much as we value our workmanship. The two go hand in hand and we are always excited to see our customers happy during and at the end of each and every job. We take great pride in our work effort at that is the difference.


Sally Fretwell Cabinets takes the time and necessary steps to help you with your compromises. After all, everything is a compromise and we are here to offer you all of your options. Then we make it happen correctly and with detail. Go to Sallyfretwell.com for help with color and other designs.


We do not subcontract any services which means we do not up charge for another’s work or products.  We are happy to assist with finding the right products and services for you at no extra cost.